The Communist Workers Party of Germany (German: Kommunistische Arbeiter-Partei Deutschlands; KAPD) was an anti-parliamentarian and council communist party that was active in Germany during the time of the Weimar Republic. It was founded in April 1920 in Heidelberg as a split from the Communist Party of Germany (KPD).[1] Originally the party remained a "sympathising member of Communist International." In 1922 the KAPD split into two factions, both of whom kept the name but are referred to as the KAPD Essen Faction and the KAPD Berlin Faction.

KAPD Essen Faction was linked to the Communist Workers International.

The Entschiedene Linke decided unanimously to join the KAPD during their congress of 4–6 June 1927.[2]

The party published a paper, Kommunistische Arbeiter-Zeitung.

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