While they all stand for a stateless, moneyless, wageless society based on common ownership of the means of living, they (which I think might be a couple of individuals rather than a group) are against electoral action envisaging that the socialist revolution will involve a violent, armed confrontation with the capitalist state.

They will have illusions about the nature of the Russian Revolution (as some sort of socialist revolution that went wrong, one of the great illusions of the 20th century).

Mouvement Communiste employ an over-philosophical and difficultly penetrable language but that's because they don't see any point in trying to explain socialism (or communism, as they prefer to call it) to workers on the assumption that they spontaneously are or will become socialist in the course of the final confrontation with the capitalist state. The language employed by the other two is more our cup of tea -- and no doubt of workers generally.

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