Was there an Alternative? A seven volume account of the opposiiton to Stalin in the Soviet Communist Party 1923-40 .

Publication StatusEdit

The original was written in Russian. Five volumes have been published in German. Only two volumes have been publis

The fifth volume of Rogovin's 7 volume work

hed in English.

1.1937: Stalin's Year of Terror

2. Stalin's Terror of 1937-38: Political Genocide in the USSR


Rogovin was a sociologist at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow who sadly passed away in 1998. He wrote the series of books in the 1990s after the Soviet archives had opened up and this enabled him to write an accurate picture of the various oppositional trends in the CPSU. His reseach vindicates the Trotskyist opposiiton to Stalin and exposes the fraudulent nature of the Moscow Trials.

More info at Rogovin's entry at Wikipedia

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