William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was an English textile designer, artist, writer, and socialist associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the doyen of the Arts and Crafts Movement.


7 lectures are compiled in Signs of Change.

Political compilationsEdit

  • William Morris, A Life for Our Time, Fiona MacCarthy (2010, 1994)
  • The Work of William Morris, Paul Thompson (1993)
  • William Morris: Romantic to Revolutionary, E. P. Thompson (2013)
  • William Morris, Nicholas Salmon
  • William Morris by himself, 1990
  • Tony Pinkney, 2007
  • Political Writings, A. L. Morton (1973)
  • Early Days of the Socialist Movement, Glasier Faulkner (1994)
  • Against the Age, Faulkner (2011)
  • Reclaiming William Morris, Michelle Weinroth (1996)
  • William Morris: A Vindication by Robin Page Arnot (29 Nov 2012)
  • Crossing the River of Fire, Hassan Mahamdallie (7 Jul 2008)
  • Reform and Revolution: Three Early Socialists on the Way Ahead (William Morris Library) by William Morris, etc., John Carruthers and Fred Henderson (1 Mar 1996)
  • William Morris, Ruth Kinna (2000)
  • Socialism and the Literary Artistry of William Morris by Florence Saunders Boos and Carole G. Silver (30 Apr 1990)
  • William Morris, Charles Harvey (1996)
  • A Factory as it might be, Colin Ward (1994)
  • Commonweal, 1885-1890, Nick Salmon (1996)
  • William Morris Chronology, Nick Salmon (1996)

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