World Libertarian Socialist Network

The WLSN is an organization and a website dedicated to maintaining an up-to-date catalog of all of the world’s libertarian socialist organizations. That is, organizations with a common aim: the establishment of direct democratic, non-hierarchical, world socialism (communism); as in a society based on the maxim “from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs”, a state-less society without money, classes, nations, and borders.

Our immediate goal is to facilitate networking and cooperation between the world’s various libertarian socialist organizations and to create a sense of solidarity between these groups. We also wish to provide an easy way for people to find out about libertarian socialism in general and about groups in their area which they may get involved with. Our future aims are uncertain but we have discussed a quarterly publication and the possibility of forming an international libertarian socialist organization, with the intent of bringing libertarian socialist groups together based on the views they hold in common.

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